Make sure you know this before calling your daylight electrician

January and February always make me antsy. The cold weather & staying indoors thing makes me go into full project mode. Which in turn causes me to pick up a paint brush. Or a pair of scissors… 2013 was the year of uneven bangs. January, you sly dog!

I am the “deemed” painter of the house. (barf) Which I guess I can handle. Last year (which is crazy!) I painted all of the trim & doors in our house, our master bathroom and then the last day of December- Evan’s band room.

Oh and I painted my sister’s huge play room. But somehow I am contemplating an accent wall in our bedroom. Sometimes I really wonder why can’t I stop this madness? Why?!??

But a black or navy accent wall would look so good, you guys.

So while I have been riding that paint train, Evan has been knocking out those Honey Do projects like a champ. Having the daylight electrician over for a quote? Check. Making a giant frame for a giant buffalo print? Check. Making a beautiful bench? Check!!!! I love it.

I really want to do more woodworking/ building. I did some for my senior show in college and it was so relaxing. In the summer it will happen!

The bench is inspired by HomeMade Modern (best website ever) and the knit covering was made by my amazing friend Morganne. She can knit anything!

The Buffalo print is huge (50×28) & required a custom frame. Which isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. Evan just followed a couple of tutorials that I sent him and I think he knocked it out in 2 hours. Such an easy & satisfying project! I’m thinking about staining it a tad darker, but I haven’t been able to commit to it, so that big beautiful beast will just stay there for the time being.

Side note- I love waking up to a giant buffalo in the snow. It makes me feel calm. And then my sister told me that she thought it was weird because they are really aggressive? I’m not too versed in Buffalo behaviors, but I still like this guy.

We are still crossing things off our list. Part of that is the weather and part of that is just that we are full on project people. Supposedly we are getting snow, so you might find me in the paint section at Lowes! What do you guys do when you get stir crazy?

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